MJ’s Brass Boppers Band Members

Michael Jones - MJ's Brass Boppers

Michael Jones (snare drum), born in Touro Infirmary – “dat dirty dirty south” New Orleans, LA., MJ studied & was schooled in Baton Rouge, LA. Many musicians helped along the way such as: Richard Amos (N.O. Holy Name Singers-bass), Charles Richardson (IDMR Lettsworth LA.-bass), “Dog” (N.O. Holy Name Singers-drums & bass), TOPCAT (SF), Michael Windsay (Topsy Chapman’s Jazz Trio-drums), Derek Tabb (Rebirth), “The Jones Family”, Russell Batiste (Funky Meters, PBS, Batiste & Friends) & many more! He has been seen with Ras Digital and The Roots Anthem Band, The Rodney Preston Project, Miles Ahead, Voices of Joy, Tristan Norton & The Slight Catch Band, R&B Singer song-writer Jon B & many other artists abroad. Mike enjoys fishing, cooking, spending time with family, and creating new and innovative music. “Feel the rhythm”- MJ (M. Jones)

Nate 'Suave' Cameron - MJ's Brass Boppers

Nate “Suave” Cameron,(Vocalist/Aux Percussion), born and raised in the Uptown New Orleans area, Suave has been gracing clubs, music venues, and festival stages at an early age. After being a woodwind section leader for the world-renowned St. Augustine High School “Marching 100,” he moved on to obtain a music business and performance degree from Tennessee State Univ. in Nashville while working as a demo vocalist for many major label artists and publishing companies. After being signed to UPT/Atlantic Records for 3 years with out a release, Suave founded his own music label, event company, recording studio, and a non-profit for urban artists that serves as an incubator. In addition to MJSBB, Nate is lead vocalist of Oakland based pysc-funk and soul fusion band, CitizenFive.

Al Lazard - MJ's Brass Boppers

Al Lazard (saxophone), also hails from New Orleans, La. Al comes from a strong lineage of New Orleans musicians, Mardi Gras Indians, Culture bearers, and more. The Lazard family is a well known one back in the Big Easy. His expansive knowledge of second line songs is one he’s known for through out the bay area and beyond. You can find Al enjoying and playing anything from Jazz, Blues, Big Band, Funk, Gospel, and more. Al has 25+ years of professional musicianship in his corner and is also proficient in various percussive instruments. He finds peace in working out, spending time with family, playing music, and hanging with his MJSBB brothers!

Greg Gomez - MJ's Brass Boppers

Greg Gomez (trombone), highly talented horn player, SF native as well as devoted GIANTS FAN! A music instructor of all Brass instruments and of vocal abilities also. He has shared the stage with numerous musicians: Pepe Gonzalez, Berkley Symphony, Bay Bones, David Hardiman (SF All-Star Big Band) & MJsBB! Mr. Gomez is a God fearing family man. He enjoys his wife and 2 daughters, while taking time to get in some horseback riding, ‘lil golf, poetry readings and enjoy the lovely life of the BAY!

Rian Robertson - MJ's Brass Boppers Brass Band

Rian Robinson, a lifelong resident of the Bay Area, grew up playing gospel music in various local churches, before transitioning to blues and Top 40 groups. He now holds the bass drum/ cymbal chair in MJ’S Brass Boppers

Joshua Sirotiak - MJ's Brass Boppers

Joshua Sirotiak (Sousaphone), originally from Chicago, IL, Josh brings over 15+ years of experience to MJSBB. Josh is a multi-brass instrumentalist who has a vast and expansive list of groups he’s played with around the Midwest and the bay area ranging but not limited to the genres of Rock, Pop, Reggae, R&B, Ska, Funk, Hip Hop, and more. He is known for laying down the foundational bass lines MJ’s Brass Boppers have been known for.

Tom Salvatore - MJ's Brass Boppers

Tom Salvatore (trumpet) is a professional trumpet player and music educator living in the East Bay. Although he has a diverse experience playing music across many genres, Tom has a love for New Orleans brass band and traditional jazz. Tom has earned a degree in music education from New York University and is currently a music teacher in the Emeryville School District. Tom has also completed coursework at the the Listz Academy of Music in Hungry and The Music Conservatory of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Along with MJ’s Brass Boppers he currently performs bluegrass music with Old Jawbone and the swing dance band The Rhythm Rousabouts.

Mike Waters - MJ's Brass Boppers

Mike Waters (saxophone), born and raised in California. Mike has been on the Bay Area Music scene for the past 20 years and also plays with Kickin’ The Mule and the Jeff Magidson Blues Band. In his other life, Mike is a web designer and has built websites for Roberta Flack, The California Honeydrops and MJsBB!

Luke Kirley - Sousaphone MJsBB

Luke Kirley (sousaphone & trombone), a bay area native Luke has been gracing the bay area music scene for over a decade now !

Big Chief Ray Blazio - MJ's Brass Boppers

“Big Chief” Ray Blazio is a Katrina survivor and is the acting chief of the Wild Apache Mardi Gras Indian tribe and returns to New Orleans every year to parade at Jazzfest. Blazio, also known as “Hatchet”, founded the Wild Apache tribe in 1990. Watch this brief video about Big Chief.